If you are or were a student, a doctoral student, or a continuing education trainee enrolled at the UPPA in undergraduate, graduate, doctoral or DU studies, in initial or continuing education, on-site or distance learning, this form allows you:
  • to activate your account : you may activate your account about a half-day after your enrollment.
    If you are not recognized, try again a half-day later, or the following day
  • to retrieve your account : lost login and/or password

Comments :

  • your INE number can be found on the bulletin de versement which you received upon your enrollment.
    If you are unable to find it, please contact the registrar.
  • this INE code is not the provisional INE code attributed by the CROUS for requesting student housing
  • your INE code is made up of 11 characters, be careful not to confuse :
    • "rn" (lower-case letter R followed by lower-case letter N) with "m" (lower-case letter M)
    • "I" (upper-case letter i) with "l" (lower-case letter L)
    • "O" (upper-case letter O) with "0" (number zero)
Birth date
Figures on the "bulletin de versement" (receipt of payment) that you received upon your enrollment

This form is NOT for students, doctoral students, or continuing education trainees enrolled at the UPPA

If you are a UPPA staff member, part-time (vacataire), hosted, Partner, guest..., this form allows you to:
  • to request to obtain a digital UPPA account
  • to retrieve or to request your lost login and/or password
  • to add a comment to a request in process
Full last name, as indicated on your ID
Full first name, as indicated on your ID
Birth date
Identifiant ou adresse de messagerie UPPA, numéro de téléphone mobile privé ou adresse de messagerie privée

Si vous avez reçu un code numérique à 6 chiffres par sms, email, ou de votre contact à l'UPPA, vous pouvez l'utiliser dans ce formulaire.

This code may, notably, allow you:
  • to activate your account (if you are not a student or a doctoral student enrolled at the UPPA)
  • to modify your lost password
Validation code (digits)